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African migrants are suffering, and dying. #StopIndifference calls on all Africans – governments and peoples, friends and partners – to stop this tragedy. Read. Sign. Share.

To my brothers and sisters

I care deeply about Africa and its people.

They are my brothers and sisters, and we are united by our one shared humanity.

Many of them are dying in the Sahara, in the camps of Libya, in the Mediterranean Sea.

It is unacceptable to watch them dying on the migration trail, and it’s unacceptable that their death and suffering are being met by a deafening silence and indifference.

Let’s break the silence, and demonstrate that we care about our fellow men and women.

But outrage and anguish are not enough.

Africa needs to take practical steps to help people who decide to migrate.

Let people make informed decisions about migrating, so that they don’t fall prey to smugglers and traffickers who are making criminal business exploiting people’s misery and desperation.

Let migrants have access to better consular services in countries of transit and destination, including repatriation support for those who want it.

Let migrants be assured of protection and access to essential services – like food, shelter and healthcare – along the length of their journey.

These are very small requests in the face of unimaginable suffering. But they are steps that will reduce this suffering, and that will demonstrate that our countries are not indifferent to the plight of our people.

We can all stop the indifference, and show we care!


I signed, have you?

— Salif Keita

Malian singer

How it works



Read the call to stop the indifference to some of the terrible migration stories of our African brothers and sisters. We can’t expect the rest of the world to be interested in these tragedies, if we ourselves don’t care about them.



Make a statement of your support by signing our call and sharing our commitment. Let’s stop the indifference, and prove that our fellow citizens count for us.



Indignation is not enough. By sharing our message with the largest number of people, you can help bring about the implementation of concrete measures to help African people who choose to migrate.

I am calling on all Africans to break their silence, and demonstrate that they care about their fellow men and women